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Specifications of IGBT based Online UPS/CVCF

Capacity 1 to 20 KVA 1Ø+N, 5 to 500 KVA 3Ø+N
Input Voltage 160 - 270V AC 1Ø OR 330 - 470V AC 3Ø
Input Frequency 47 - 53 Hz
Charger Type IGBT BASED Smart Charger
Power Factor 0.8 Lagging to Unity
Output Voltage 220/230V AC 1Ø & 400/420V AC 3Ø
Voltage Regulation 1% for Input Variation & Step Load Change From 10-100% 2% 3Ø + N
Output Frequency 50Hz with accuracy < ± 0.1% (Optional 60Hz)
Protection Overload, Short Circuit, Battery Deep Discharge, Battery Over Charge, & Output Under/ over Voltage
Inverter Efficiency Better than 98%
Wave Form Sine-wave with THD < 3% On Linear Load
Backup Time As per requirement
Overload 25% for 10 min., 50% for 10 m.sec.
Nomination DC Bus Voltage 180/192 Volts DC
Audible Noise Less than 55 dB at 1.5 meter
Indications & Metering LCD PANEL DISPLAYING Input / Output Voltage, Input / Output Frequency, Battery Voltage, Output Load, Operating Mode (Main / Battery) Overload, Short-circuit, Battery Low, Output Status (On / Off), Audio Alarm, Battery Low & Overload.

Salient Features

1. True On-Line Double Conversion type UPS
2. High Frequency PWM design using IGBT/MOSFET
3. Compact and well engineered architecture
4. Ultimate protection against all power line disturbances
5. Suitable for all types and capacities of batteries
6. Neat and clean flat cable wiring
7. Pure Sine-wave output
8. Smooth and silent operation
9. Complete annunciation on the front panel
10. Excellent dynamic response for step load change
11. Short circuit/overload protected
12. Fast correction rate for line and load regulation
13. High inrush/peak current loading capability
14. Computer communication compatibility as a standard feature
15. Easy to install, use and maintain
16. Lowest running and operational expenditure
17. Superior performance to price analysis