At A Glance

* 2400 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Unit.

*Qualified & Experienced Engineers.

*Indigenous design for Indian Power Environment.

* Wide range of products to suit customer needs.

Our Guarantee

JMS Power System is showing high acceptability among customers by giving immense satisfaction on the following parameters:

  • Quality of Products and Services
  • Timely Delivery
  • After Sales Service

Contact Us

Office Address
Address: SRS-199, Ground Floor, Near Ravi Medical Centre,
Peera Garhi,
New Delhi-110087
Ph.: 011-65990787
Mob: +91-7838788248
Factory Address: JMS House, Plot No. 36/20, Near 40 Futta Road,
Bhagya Vihar, Ranikhera,
New Delhi-110081
Ph.: 011-32090787